• Jeffrey Schoemaker

    Developer & Co-owner @ Perplex Internetmarketing

Security - Let's have some fun with Umbraco

Security plays an increasingly important role in the development of websites. In this session, we will dive deeply into the world of websecurity; what are some skills that every developer should possess, how can you survive security audits of your customers and external parties? But at least as important; how secure is Umbraco by default and how can you easily improve that security? Don’t expect an in-depth theoretical approach to this (sometimes boring) subject, but look forward to simple tips and tricks, and practical examples in which we can have a lot of fun with Umbraco installations and security.
People will hopefully leave the room shocked, but a lot smarter with some practical tricks to secure they installations when they get back home.

Target audience: Technical

Level: Intermediate

About the speaker:

Jeffrey Schoemaker is Manager Web Development at Perplex Internetmarketing, a Dutch internet marketing agency and Umbraco Gold Partner. Perplex has created more than 100 different websites and webshops using Umbraco, for a variety of clients (including, but not limited to Mercedes-Benz, Specsavers, Bolsius and AZL).
Last year, Jeffrey was awarded an Umbraco MVP Award for his contributions to the Core. He loves to think, write and speak about security, accessibility and UX.