Submissions are closed for Umbraco Awards 2018

The submissions for Umbraco Awards 2018 has been closed. You will have the chance to submit your projects next year. Stay tuned on all Umbraco media to know exactly when.

Step 1 of 2: About the project

Provide details on the client you worked with, its industry and the scope of the project

Agency name, address and email address
A headline that describes the project
List 3-5 special benefits or characteristics that the jury should take note of.
A short description (max 500 words) summarizing what the project is
A maximum 2 minute video presenting the project you are submitting for the jury to be able to judge your submission. Let them see all the awesome things you have made, and explain why they are awesome. Paste the URL here.
Please provide the client name and title of the project or website
Please provide the project URL

Step 2 of 2: Case Collateral

Provide us with client testimonials, screenshots, videos and other media of the solution

The following images are a requirement. If not submitted, your award submission will be invalid. 1 Logo of your company 1 Hero/main image of the work Images/screenshots of the work The submissions in Best Editors experience must have screenshots from the backoffice. IMPORTANT NOTE: to avoid submission error the image file names should be as short as possible (80 characters max).
Please provide a quote/testimonial from the key client/stakeholder relating to the work delivered, the process, the results etc