• Sara Redin

Workshop: So you picked the right technology, now what?

Session topics: Project management

Target Audience: Project managers, CEOs, CTOs

Prerequisite: No prerequisite

Sara will share hands-on tools to bridging the gap between developers, non-technical project stakeholders and creative teams. Her material is based on her own experiences as well as those from her international network of peers. You can expect to get personal sparring and feedback on your current challenges and meet new peers with whom to network for the rest of the conference and beyond.


Digital project success is dependent on choosing a technology that fits your needs and ambition levels. But as we all know, this is only a small part of the recipe. In projects where design and UX play a significant role, this is especially evident.
Often when we fail at managing part of the process the technology is blamed.
Based on her own experiences, including a list of the “scariest quotes from 20+ years of digital projects” Sara will host an interactive session focusing on 3 key topics that have nothing to do with technology but everything to do with failure or success:

- Governance and stakeholder communication

- Bridging cultural gaps and aligning expectations

- Project management practices that work regardless of methodology (Whether you do waterfall or Agile, the same fundamentals apply)

About Sara Redin:

Sara has worked with digital teams managing projects and portfolios for almost 2 decades both as an internal digital and project manager and as an external consultant. For 7 years she facilitated a knowledge network for digital professionals. This has given her a unique insight into the common and uncommon problems digital teams encounter across an incredibly broad variety of organizations. Her key expertise is within research, analysis, and facilitation and she is known for cutting to the chase to get any digital project on track. She owns Redin Consult and works as an independent consultant and advisor helping different organizations optimize or fix their projects, selecting and managing vendors and improving their digital portfolios. Her client list includes (to mention a few); The Danish Agency for Government IT, The Nordic Council, The Danish Broadcasting Corporation, GEA, DFDS, DIS and UNEP DTU.

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