• Callum Whyte

    Senior Developer @ The Cogworks
  • Marcin Zajkowski

    Senior Developer @ The Cogworks

We got 99 problems and a glitch is one

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Is your website geared up to handle large amounts of unexpected traffic? Are you confident your site can "bear the load" without a hitch, allowing you to focus on more important things? What about doing all of this without an unlimited budget?
Callum and Marcin's Umbraco site for their secret side project just went viral... But it keeps crashing which is ruining their street-cred! Sadly, the original developer left a few glitches behind and they need to be fixed pronto to avoid letting down their new-found fans...
Using tools like remote debugging and performance profilers to fix "The Notorious C.P.U" spikes, they will work against the clock to resolve the glitches; featuring some common mistakes seen in Umbraco sites, and some more "Juicy" problems too... They'll share creative solutions to problems, such as scaling on a budget, and will benchmark all of their changes, with tools like BenchmarkDotNet, to prove their impact before pushing live.
Come along, participate, win some awesome swag to take home! Most importantly, learn how you can prevent the same mistakes in your own Umbraco projects - all examples used are fo' real!

Target audience: Technical

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

About the speakers:

Callum and Marcin are senior developers at The Cogworks and also the baristas who bring you your weekly fix of UmbraCoffee!
When they're not building excellent Umbraco solutions, Callum and Marcin are busy spreading the Umbraco love. They are both active contributors to the Umbraco Core and community packages. Their latest venture UmbraCoffee has seen some top guests pop along for a chat about the latest and greatest things happening in the Umbraco world every Friday!
Away from their desks you can find them out in the wild organising an Umbraco community event; Callum can be found organising the Umbraco UK Festival by winter and flipping burgers in the summer for the Umbraco BBQ, while Marcin can be found organising the Umbraco Poland Festival and Umbraco Poland meetup.