• Ondrej Pialek

    Senior Developer @ Endzone.io
  • Mark McDonald

    Senior Developer @ Endzone.io

Umbraco beyond recognition - An Umbraco tale of business rejuvenation

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If you've ever been asked to take on and rebuild an existing site, especially if it packed some advanced and custom functionality, you’ll appreciate that it can be an uphill battle. There are numerous challenges in replacing a legacy system; is this task better suited for a generic .NET consultancy or are your Umbraco skills relevant and helpful?
We are bringing a large, dated, bespoke e-commerce system with over 250 seller sites back to life - all with Umbraco at its core. We have prepared an interactive talk where you can decide what parts of the system we talk about and the specific problems we had to overcome to rejuvenate the system. You’ll be able to choose topics from all aspects of the journey, from overall strategy to implementation and technical details.
Some of the topics we have prepared are:
- Breaking the Monolith, discussing the approach we took that allowed us to go live with new functionality two months into the project
- Domain Driven Design with Akka.Net on Service Fabric, explaining the benefits of explicitly modeling your domain and separating the logic out into an asynchronous scalable service
- Branding, looking at how we manage branding from Umbraco and compile SCSS server-side so that over 250 unique sites can be created with no extra development
- Backend Customization, showcasing how we leveraged various Umbraco extensibility points (backend events, custom routes, property editors, custom sections, etc.) to preserve much of the bespoke functionality and integrate with external systems
8 months into the project, we have pushed Umbraco to its limits but that did not hinder us in any way - quite the contrary. Our talk will challenge your perception of what is possible with Umbraco. We will show that building complex systems with Umbraco at its core is not only possible but fun, and that you can get a lot of efficiencies that way.

Target audience: Business

Level: Intermediate

About the speakers:

Ondrej and Mark have many things in common. After spending some time in the FinTech industry, they managed to add purpose to their work by joining the ranks at Endzone.io, a social business behind the Happy Porch brand. They also both fell for Umbraco - not only do they use it to power many projects, they care for it (PRs, uSplit), preach it (UmbPLFest, Liverpool meetup), live it (CodeCabin) and occasionally even wear an Umbraco t-shirt in public.
But what they are really proud of are the differences. One swims a lot and the other floats (on a surf!) One writes JavaScript and the other compiles into it. One would call himself a full stack developer if it wasn’t a cliche and the other prefers “back-end developer”, but does so much more! Come talk to us after the talk if it isn’t obvious who is who!