• Simon Lyder

    CTO @ Struct

Scale Umbraco with PIM

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PIM is a product database that acts as the link between a company's ERP system that handles data such as Item numbers, prices and inventory, and the systems that target customers directly, for example. a webshop.
PIM is designed to handle and distribute product-related data describing product characteristics such as product descriptions and images. It is a powerful tool for maintaining and managing a company's data processes.
Struct PIM is based onĀ and integrated into Umbraco. Umbraco's proven modules and workflows thus form the basis of Struct PIM and make structuring complex data an easy task.
Simon Lyder explains why many companies in these years invest in PIM systems and understand why you should use a PIM system, how it is built, and how it integrates with the rest of the company's systems. The presentation will contain concrete examples from several large European companies.

Target audience: Business

Level: Intermediate

About the speaker:

Simon Lyder is CTO at Struct, where he works with Product Information Management (PIM) in Umbraco. Simon is educated at the University of Southern Denmark with a Master's degree in Computer Software Engineering.