• Damiaan Peeters

    Chief Entertainment Octopus @ Umbrace

Magically integrating external data

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Building Umbraco websites is not difficult. Doing integrations is where Umbraco is an easy selling point to your customers. Umbraco is extensible and build on .Net.
But how do you exactly integrate with other systems?
We explore the different options you have (import vs external datastores), and elaborate on the components that can be altered to give the visitors and editors the best experience. Think about changing the request pipeline changes and building backoffice extensions. But also on using examine and how to implement caching to speed things up.
This session will prepare you for challenges when integrating data. We will be exploring some caveats and lessons learned. And give some tips and tricks on what to avoid.

Target audience: Technical

Level: Intermediate

About the speaker:

Damiaan Peeters is the owner of Umbrace, a Belgian umbraco-only house that has been using Umbraco since 2009, and developing websites for more than 10 years. Damiaan believes in the power of paying it forward and being a good person; he's a SEO lover and magician in his (spare) time.