• Simone Chiaretta

    Team Lead and Web Architect @ Council of European Union

Extending the Umbraco backend to translate content in 24 languages with XLIFF v2.0

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The website of the Council of the European Union is available in 24 languages and is translated in-house by a team of 800 translators with no access to the Umbraco backend. This setup required a lot of customization to allow them to work with their favorite tool while still retaining the speed of publishing typical of Umbraco.
In this talk, Simone will explain what XLIFF is, why it matters and how they customized Umbraco do manage translation via this standard format.

Target audience: Technical

Level: Introductory to Intermediate

About the speaker:

Simone Chiaretta is long time Umbraco user and developer, working at the Council of the European Union where a new version of the public web site was just launched, completely rewritten with Umbraco. Simone was a Microsoft MVP for 8 years; he authored several books on ASP.NET MVC and gave speeches at various international conferences, including 3 editions of Codegarden.