• Simone Chiaretta

    Team Lead and Web Architect @ Council of European Union
  • Dirk De Grave

    Freelance Umbraco Developer @ Council of European Union

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The Council of European Union has a new website built on Umbraco. Given the nature of the context and the requirements of government EU institutions, we had to face a lot of "interesting" problems, ranging from being in 24 languages to having more than 30 editors working concurrently, to being served and cached via a reverse-proxy. The editor experience has been crafted to allow editors to have maximum freedom, while still retaining the corporate identity and structure of documents. This also required a lot of customization.
We'll make a poll one week before to collect feedback and we'll discuss the most requested topic.

Target audience: Technical

Level: Intermediate

About the speakers:

Simone Chiaretta is long time Umbraco user and developer, working at the Council of the European Union where a new version of the public web site was just launched, completely rewritten with Umbraco. Simone was a Microsoft MVP for 8 years; he authored several books on ASP.NET MVC and gave speeches at various international conferences, including 3 editions of Codegarden.

Dirk De Grave has been a freelance Umbraco developer for 10+ years and is a 3x Umbraco MVP. Dirk is currently working for the EU Council as Lead of the Umbraco development team. When not coding or drinking coffee, Dirk enjoys a long trail run and prepares for his first marathon. His presentation may include cake as Dirk is celebrating his 10th Codegarden in 2018.