• Frederik Raabye

    Systems Developer & IT Security Consultant @ Dubex
  • Jeffrey Schoemaker

    Developer & Co-owner @ Perplex Internetmarketing

An introduction to the GDPR and Privacy by Design – Opportunities and limitations

What is Privacy by Design? Why by default? The General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR) sets requirements for both from 25 May, but what is it all about?
The regulation is about how personal data of European Union citizens should be handled. But if your website or service is targeting EU citizens, this regulation applies to you as well. Also if your company is based out of a non-European country. We will review the basic principles of the GDPR and look into concrete examples of challenges and solutions in Umbraco.
Frederik will begin with a quick overall introduction to the GDPR and its terminology, particularly Privacy by Design. He will focus on privacy principles and strategies, which may directly affect your work as an architect or developer.
Finally, Jeffrey will take over and apply the principles in an Umbraco context. This will be based on his experience with contributing to Umbraco’s overall security stance and his previous articles on preparing Umbraco and implementations to the GDPR.


Target audience: Technical

Level: Introductory to Intermediate


About the speakers:

Frederik Raabye is a Systems Developer and IT Security Consultant at Dubex where he is involved in technical security assessments and web application security tests. For several years, he has been dealing with requirements specification and implementation of business systems, including systems integration. With a background in computer science and communications, he experiences all kinds of challenges and opportunities across an organization. In connection with Dubex's GDPR education, he teaches in Privacy by Design-related topics.

Jeffrey Schoemaker is Manager Web Development at Perplex Internetmarketing, a Dutch internet marketing agency and Umbraco Goldpartner. Perplex has created more than 100 different websites and webshops for a variety of clients (including, but not limited to Mercedes-Benz, Specsavers, Bolsius and AZL) using Umbraco.
Last year, Jeffrey was awarded an Umbraco MVP Award for his contributions to the Core. He loves to think, write and speak about security, accessibility and UX.