Travel & Stay


Where is Codegarden18 taking place and how to get there? 


  - The beautiful Odense, the home turf of Umbraco HQ:

Odense is the third biggest city in Denmark. Probably most well-known worldwide as the birthplace of the renowned fairy-tale author, Hans Christian Andersen. And to Umbracians, of course, Umbraco and Codegarden.


  - Getting from the airport to Odense: 

For planning your trip to Odense you can view the train schedules on Rejsplanen. Aaand watch this video that will give you a guide on how to get to Odense from Copenhagen Airport by train.


  Planning your travel: 

As you plan your travel for Codegarden18, the following timeframes could be helpful. 

  - Conference begins: Wednesday morning, 23 May 2018
  - Conference ends: Friday late afternoon (17:30), 25 May 2018

A more detailed schedule will be made available soon and will be updated with more information as we get closer to CG18.  


 - Planning your stay:

We have a list of hotels at a walking distance, offering to all our lovely Codegarden attendees, rooms at a discounted price.

By booking at these hotels you will be living among other Codegarden participants, so you can continue to have inspiring talks on your way home, and get to have breakfast with some of your new friends.


 - Venue address: 

Dok5000, Havnegade 18, 5000 Odense


 - Workshop addresses: The workshops will be held in two venues depending on the size of the classrooms and timeslots

  Stjerneskibet, Havnegade 29, 5000 Odense   

  Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt (EAL), Seebladsgade 1, 5000 Odense


 - Gold Partner Summit address: 

Albani Torv 4, 5000 Odense



Official Codegarden 18 map