Mindful morning

Thursday and Friday morning at 8.15am, a mindfulness session is arranged at the Codegarden venue. Come early and spend 30 minutes clearing your mind to make space for the day ahead of you. Through guided meditation and mindful coaching, you will gain clarity of your goals for the day, positivity and confidence to get the most out of your sessions, and a focus for learning and digesting the ton of information ahead of you. Sessions will be led by the lovely, Kris Deminick.


About Kris Deminick:

Kris will be returning to Codegarden 2018 with her Mindful Mornings meditation sessions and yoga breaks. You may remember Kris from CG17, guided meditation at Code Cabin UK, her work with Umbraco HQ, and her coaching company This Electrified Life. She'll be here to rejuvenate your mind and body for an extra rush of energy to squeeze the most out of your conference experience. A clear mind and an awakened body prepare you for even better concentration and motivation to learn, so drop in a see Kris!