Call for speakers

Calling the Umbraco community! - we want to see the best and broadest Codegarden program ever, and for that we need your ideas and input. We want to hear from developers, designers and the business side of Umbraco, so no matter if you have a great technical session targeting developers, a creative session targeting designers or a case-story targeting the business audience, then Codegarden could be stage to present it on. To help us find the right stage and timeslot for your proposed session, please provide which overall theme the talk would be a part of, and which audience you see benefitting the most from your talk.

Deadline for submitting is March 20th 2018


Tell us about you

Provide us with basic contact information and your background

Full name
Where do you work? what do you do?

Tell us about your session

Consider what Codegarden theme it fits the best, what kind of audience will get most out of it, and provide the 30 second elevator pitch

Make it catchy, make it sweet and short
Who will benefit the most from your talk

Atleast 3-4 sentences describing your talk. If you have slides, references, case stories, please include a link to them.
Presentations within the past year, including the event name, the topic, and the number of people in attendance


Codegarden is divided into the themes below to help us frame and focus the conference

Scale your solutions, scale yourself, scale your company

Customer & Editor Happiness
Non tech Case Studies and Technical tutorials on tailoring back office

Pay It Forward
The share / contribution track

Beyond Web
Headless, headless, headless.


Consider who your target audience is, so we can ensure the right people turn up at your talk

Business audience
Your talk is targeted sales, marketing and project managers with no or little technical background. The presentation is focused on presenting case-stories and customer background stories.

Creative audience
Your talk is targeted webdesigners and webdevelopers, audience can expect html, js and css in your presentation, but none, or very little .net code

Technical audience
Your talk is targeted .net developers, devops with a strong focus on code and the technical part of working with Umbraco

Deadline for submitting is March 20th 2018.