• Sebastiaan Janssen

Workshop: Hack your own site

Session topics: Security

Target Audience: Developers

Prerequisites: This will be an entry-level workshop. Anyone who's ever built a website in Umbraco before can follow along. Please bring an inquisitive mind, high spirits and a laptop with web browser.


You'll learn to avoid the most common security mistakes people make when delivering websites and how to easily avoid them. There is plenty of time to discuss and your teacher will explain why some things make sense while other things are nonsense.

Setting up https for your Umbraco site is pretty easy these days, but that's only where the fun begins. You need to know about all the acronyms like... TLS, CSP, SRI, 2FA, HSTS, etc.
We'll take you through the steps it would take to properly secure an Umbraco site with a hands-on approach so you can learn how to do it. Luckily most of these things are not particularly difficult and there's plenty of online tools to help you check that you've done everything correctly.
When you're done with this workshop you'll know how to secure your site better than even most banks do these days!

Practical information for the workshop attendees:

Day: Wednesday 23 May
Start time: 13:00
End time: 16:30
Location: Stjerneskibet, Havnegade 29, 5000 Odense - At a walking distance from the Codegarden venue

These people already booked their seat at the workshop

Matt Brailsford
John Seto
Emil Rasmussen
Paulius Putna
Lars Bentzen
Marco Snoek
Tiago Teixeira
Elling Hauge
René Pjengaard Bank
Søren Mastrup
David Challener
Matthew Clenney
Miguel Martinez Musterd
Marc Love
Lewis Smith
Miguel Lopez
Anthony Voigt
Paul de Metter
Malene Kobberø Andersen
Owain Williams
Vidar Markussen
Morten Kragh Jensen
Brian Daugaard
Paul Sterling
alex brown
Ali Yusuf Hussein
Dusan Zirojevic
Joe McKinley
Poornima Nayar
Davy Lowyck

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