• Eleftheria Batsou

    Mobile Developer @ MKI Hellas

What I gained after 1 year of #100DaysOfCode

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My talk is about “scaling yourself”. I will present some helpful tips about self-motivation, time-management, stop procrastination, setting priorities, staying organized, believing in yourself and keeping a balance between your career and personal life. I'm going to present my personal examples of coding/studying every single day for the past 1,5 years, what I gained and how I achieved my goals. We are going to explore ways of finding mentors, friends and expanding your social network. This talk is not only about getting better at your 9 to 5 job but also about developing yourself.

Target audience: Creative

Level: Introductory

About the speaker:

Eleftheria Batsou is a passionate front-end developer and an aspiring UI designer from Greece. She is working as an Angular developer while taking up a master's degree in Graphic Arts and Multimedia. As a student and developer, she has learned about the power of teamwork and been introduced to an international network. She is self-motivated and working hard to make this world a little bit better every day.
When she isn't glued to a computer screen, Eleftheria spends time working out, dancing the ballet, strolling in nature and trying very hard not to be the worst car-driver in town. Her friends would describe her as easy-going, passionate about life and the fastest chocolate eater.