• Morten Christensen

    Azure Hero @ Umbraco HQ
  • Warren Buckley

    #NotJustTheFormsGuy @ Umbraco HQ

Using data from Umbraco Cloud to improve the Umbraco Friendly'ness

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As more and more users start building and deploying sites on Umbraco Cloud we have a unique opportunity to use data (anonymous data, obviously!) from the service to improve, not only the CMS, but also the surrounding products, plugins and features that make up Umbraco the CMS and Umbraco Cloud. In this lightning talk, we'll take you through a concrete example of looking at exception data to improve Umbraco Deploy in order to make it easier for our users to get insight and help with a specific type of deployment error. We'll wrap up with a short overview of improvements that Umbraco Cloud has enabled us to do for the CMS. So join us for a unique behind-the-scenes look at Umbraco Cloud. 

Target audience: Technical

Level: Advanced