• Heather Floyd

    Umbraco / ASP.Net Developer & Consultant @ Floyd Innovations LLC

Umbraco Forms as the Ultimate Survey Tool

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Sometimes a 3rd party service (such as Typeform or Survey Monkey) is the right tool for your survey needs, but there are distinct advantages to using Umbraco Forms instead: Having complete ownership and control of your data, customizing data visualization, sharing results (internally or externally), programmatic actions based on survey results, integration with other 3rd party systems (such as CRMs, Marketing Automation, or Customer Support), and avoiding yet another ongoing monthly fee for another external service.
Umbraco Forms gives you complete control for customization:
- Custom Fieldtypes allow you to craft the exact types of data you desire
- Create reports that summarize the data exactly as your stakeholders want to see it – and display via back-office dashboards or front-end accessible (membership protected, if desired) web pages.
- Use built-in and custom workflows to automatically act on submitted surveys – routing results via email, pushing data out to 3rd party services via API integrations, or automatically triggering internal processes based on business rules

Target audience: Business

Level: Intermediate

About the speaker:

Heather Floyd is currently a freelance Umbraco / .Net Developer based in New York and primarily serving North America. She is also a co-organizer of the NYC Umbraco Meetup group, a member of the 2018 Umbraco USA Festival planning committee, and contributor of articles to Skrift and 24 Days. She has been using Umbraco and involved with the community since 2006.