• Niels Lyngsø

    Creative Technologist @ Spring/Summer

Small steps for a better editorial experience

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Niels Lyngsø has challenged Umbraco through 8 different highly flexible projects for Spring/Summer.
In this talk, he shares insights on how to create a better editorial experience in Umbraco.
Through examples you will see how you can set up an intuitive and flexible system, that will help your content editors become more proficient, and as a benefit will encourage you to write smarter code.


Target audience: Creative/Technical

Level: Intermediate 

About the speaker: 

Educated as Digital Designer and Web Developer, Niels Lyngsø is a rare kind. Niels grasped Back-End development with Umbraco Cloud in 2015 and now has the experience of having worked on 8 Umbraco projects where flexibility and simple UX have challenged the capabilities of Umbraco.

Niels works currently as Creative Technologist at Spring/Summer where he mostly builds frontend for various fashion industry websites.