• Majid Hajian

    Senior Frontend Developer @ Telia

Let's Dive Into Service Worker

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Service worker is widely supported by browsers including Safari!(yes that's true) and progressive web app specs in general. You can build a native-app like web application which works offline, have a high performance and fast website by leveraging cache api or simply control your network requests as a powerful tools in client-side.
Regardless of what is your frontend stack or which Javascript frameworks you are using, building an offline-capable application with service worker, sometimes, can be tough and so frustrating. However, if we understand how SW works, what is the life cycle, the events, cache storage as well as right tools and strategies, then perhaps, debugging, building and shipping a PWA will be not only way fun and enjoyable but also we can do many crazy things on the web in our client's browser.

Target audience: Creative

Level: Intermediate

About the speaker:

Majid (aka mhadaily on Twitter/Github) is a passionate mobile and web developer based in Oslo. He enjoys writing technical articles, meeting developers at events, speaking at conferences and contributing to open source projects. He is author of PWA development course on Packpublishing. Besides coding, he loves to explore the world, read books and make tutorials in order to share his experience and knowledge.