• Henk Boelman

    Cloud Solutions Architect @ Heroes

Infuse some AI into Umbraco

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Wouldn't it be great if Umbraco could tell you what it recognises on the things you upload in the Media Library, it can identify members on images, filter out negative comments and do predictions on your data?

In this talk, I will introduce you to the Microsoft A.I platform and show you how to use it to extend Umbraco. We dive into some use-case scenarios and I will show how easy it is to integrate Cognitive services and use your own custom models created with Machine Learning Studio in Umbraco. 

Join this session and find out, through a lot of demo's and use-cases, how machine learning can be used and what it is capable of.


Target audience: Technical

Level: Intermediate

About the speaker:

Henk Boelman works as an Cloud Solutions Architect at Heroes in the Netherlands. He started out as a software developer in the late '90s and later moved on to the role of architect. He now guides organisations in their cloud adventure, with a strong focus on cloud native software development.
During these years, he has built and designed numerous web-based platforms for small and large companies. He loves to share his knowledge about topics such as DevOps, Azure and Cognitive Services by providing training courses and he is a regular speaker at user groups and conferences.