• Rune Strand

    Umbraco Coach and Cloud Counselor @ Umbraco HQ
  • Mads Rasmussen

    King of Keytars and Components @ Umbraco HQ

Head(less) in the Clouds

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Grab your golden ticket into an endless sea of opportunities. Together with Mads & Rune, you’ll dive head first into how easy it is to use the brand new offering on Umbraco Cloud - Headless. Learn what headless means for the data structure in a project and how this turns Umbraco from a traditional CMS to a diverse content hub for… well.. anything e.g. websites, IOT, mobile applications, print and much more. Rune and Mads will show you how to make the most of Umbraco’s flexibility and superior editing UI and serve data in an easy-to-consume format to anything, anywhere.

And finally, figure out how a career as karaoke singers can lead to an album launch and world domination ;)

Target audience: Technical

Level: Intermediate