• Darren Ferguson

    Managing Director @ Moriyama

Defer long-running Umbraco tasks to Azure service bus and functions

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We want our Umbraco sites to be fast - and focus serving up content to our visitors as quickly as possible.
In this talk, Darren will demonstrate how to delegate long running tasks to the Azure service bus - and register Azure functions that subscribe to and process messages from the service bus, leaving your web server free to process requests for content.
We'll begin with a brief overview of "serverless" computing concepts - and Azure functions, take a brief tour through setting up functions and service bus in Visual Studio and the Azure portal, and finally walk through a complete example of publishing Umbraco content - and using the setup above to send notifications by email and slack.

Target audience: Technical

Level: Introductory to Intermediate

About the speaker:

Darren is the owner of Moriyama - an Umbraco gold partner and has contributed to Umbraco in various ways since 2006. His most recent claim to fame is supplying the infamous chili vodka at the last Codegarden pre-party. He does have a similar stunt up his sleeve for this year.