• Simone Chiaretta

    Team Lead and Web Architect @ Council of European Union
  • Dirk De Grave

    Freelance Umbraco Developer @ Council of European Union

Building Umbraco websites in big teams

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At the Council of EU, we have a team made of 10 people between developers and designers and we have many features built at the same time. And we still manage to release an update to our website every two weeks.

In this talk, we'll go through our development configuration, how we set up automated build, quality assurance, and deployment. We are going to show how we manage long-running features that span multiple sprints without going insane.

Target audience: Technical

Level: Intermediate

About the speakers: 

Simone Chiaretta is long time Umbraco user and developer, working at the Council of the European Union where a new version of the public web site was just launched, completely rewritten with Umbraco. Simone was a Microsoft MVP for 8 years; he authored several books on ASP.NET MVC and gave speeches at various international conferences, including 3 editions of Codegarden.
Dirk De Grave has been a freelance Umbraco developer for 10+ years and is a 3x Umbraco MVP. Dirk is currently working for the EU Council as Lead of the Umbraco development team. When not coding or drinking coffee, Dirk enjoys a long trail run and prepares for his first marathon. His presentation may include cake as Dirk is celebrating his 10th Codegarden in 2018.