• Adam Peter Nielsen

    CTO @ Novicell
  • Mikkel Keller Stubkjær

    IT Architect @ Novicell

Boiling down 20 years of e-commerce experience into a framework

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Adam and Mikkel from Novicell will share insights and challenges of building large-scale e-commerce sites. The talk will deep dive into the patterns, principles and technical aspects of Novicell's E-commerce framework and show live case samples and bits of code. They will also share how to reuse and optimize across projects and even platforms.

To finish off they will mix in a bit of business perspective and look at the future of commerce and how to handle omnichannel, marketplaces and the new world order dictated by Amazon and friends. :)

Target audience: Technical

Level: Advanced

About the speakers:

Adam Peter Nielsen spends most of his time juggling enterprise clients and solution architecture using an extensive technical knowledge and business understanding acquired through many years of experience in the web development space.

Mikkel Keller Stubkjær is a long time Umbraco passionate and a seasoned software architect leading the custom commerce team and the development of Novicell’s e-commerce framework. With a background in computer science and deep roots in the internet industry, he has a comprehensive knowledge of internet technologies, software principles, patterns and enterprise architecture.