• Kevin Jump

    Director @ Jumoo Limited

All your language are belongs to us

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Umbraco is a great platform for building your multinational website. It has all the features you need to serve content to people across the globe on different domains and in different languages. Except, getting your content translated into all those languages can be a bit of a pain.
In this talk, we will look into how you can use the Translation Manager package to effectively manage the translation of your content into all the languages you need. We will cover the basics of translations, how the workflow of content translation can work for you and even how you can have content continually translated as it is being created and updated in your site.
At the end of the talk you should have a better understanding of how you can manage content translations, and hopefully lots of ideas on how to take your website to a worldwide audience.

Target audience: Business

Level: Intermediate

About the speaker:

Kevin Jump has been working with Umbraco for years and has authored a number of well-known packages including uSync, The LocalGov Starter Kit, and Translation Manager. Often on the forums and in local meetups, kevin will bore your leg off talking about Continuous Integration and Deployment if you let him.