• Deane Barker

    Founder/ Partner @ Blend Interactive

7 Things We Know About Headless, and 3 Things We Don't

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You can't turn around without hearing about "headless CMS." The model is perhaps at the peak of its hype-cycle right now, being promised as the cure-all to dev ops problems, framework incompatibilities, and CMS team composition.

Deane will discuss the trend and tell you the things we know, why they matter, and the things the market is still trying to figure out in a segment which is moving so fast that the numbers in the title of this talk will no-doubt be different by the time it's delivered.

Target audience: General

Level: Introductory

About the speaker:

Deane Barker is chief strategy officer and a founding partner at Blend Interactive. He has been working in web content management since the mid-90s – before the discipline even had a name. Deane is a veteran of hundreds of implementations, ranging from small marketing websites to massive publishing operations, across nearly every programming architecture and dozens of different CMS platforms.
Deane has been writing about content management for over a decade and speaks frequently on the content management conference circuit.